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Sandro Sweater| DIY Ripped Jeans | Ash Boots | Zara Bag | Michael Kors Watch

Yeah, it’s sweater time again! I love big black sweater, they fits to everything. So I wanted to buy the perfect one this year – a sweater with a good quality. Not these ones which you can’t wear anymore after a short time. So I decided to buy this sweater by Sandro. I love Sandro since I bought my all time favourite sneakers by Sandro in Paris this year. Of course, it is a little bit too expensive for a student. But I think it is better to have things you really love and need instead of just having a lot of things you never wear again.

Photography by Kristina Schwandt


13 thoughts on “SWEATER TIME

  1. Einfach und clean aber super schön:) Weniger ist manchmal wirklich mehr. Gefällt mir gut und dein Blog auch! Wahnsinn, dass du erst ein Jahr bloggst! Machst tolle Fortschritte.

    Wenn du Lust hast, schau gerne mal bei mir vorbei: http://www.blackmixedblood.com Freu mich über jeden Besucher, Kommentar und neuen Leser 🙂

    Ganz ganz liebe Grüße,


  2. love the sweater, you look amazing ! love your blog btw, if you also like mine, maybe we could follow eachother on bloglovin?

    let me know!

    xoxo Sophie from shewearswhat.blogspot.com


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