MissguidedWhiteTeeOneteaspoonRippedShortsMissguidedWhiteTeeOneteaspoonRippedShorts5 BadenBaden MissguidedWhiteTeeOneteaspoonRippedShorts8 MissguidedWhiteTeeOneteaspoonRippedShorts7 BadenBaden3 MissguidedWhiteTeeOneteaspoonRippedShorts2 BadenBaden2 MissguidedWhiteTeeOneteaspoonRippedShorts3 MissguidedWhiteTeeOneteaspoonRippedShorts6 MissguidedWhiteTeeOneteaspoonRippedShorts4Necklace: JANE KOENIG | bracelet: JANE KOENIG | shirt:  missguided | Shorts: oneteaspoon | Boots: sasha 

Hallo ihr Lieben, nach einem tollen Geburtstags-Wochenende habe ich nun wieder einen neuen Look für euch. diese Bilder entstanden vorletztes Wochenende an einem Tag mit der Familie in Baden-Baden, wie Manche von euch sicherlich bereits auf meinem Instagram-Account gesehen habt.

Hey lovelies, today i’m showing you a new look after my birthday look on Saturday. We took these photos a week ago in Baden-Baden where i spent some quality time with my family. As you may already seen on my Instagram.


7 thoughts on “BADEN-BADEN

  1. Reblogged this on colorstrutting and commented:
    Bags like these are something that I truly need to add to my empty shelves of purses lol. Ladies these are must! They are super cute and I have seen them in all sorts of great colors for every season!


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